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    Online ID CARD Portal



  1. To login, user id and password are required. Parents need to give the mobile number to which they want user id and password to be sent. Upon receivng credentials, click on login given in the menu or click on Parent Login given below. You may login from your your mobile as well.
  2. You will see Profile, Personal Details, Parent & Academic Details tabs when you login. In each tab, related data has to be entered once done, press update. Click on Edit button and a window will be opened to enter all the details.
  3. * marked fields are mandatory. Ensure that all the details are accurate, before saving. We will use the same details and print id cards.
  4. To upload the student photo, passport size soft copy of the student photo in uniform not exceeding 500 kb is to be used. If you are clicking image from mobile, background of the student should be contrast to uniform and enough natural light is available. Please do edit before uploading the image so as to make the photo appear as passport size photo.
  5. Photo should not be taken in the open ground, having a background of open area.
  6. Once you fill in all the details, upload the photo, click on update button.
  7. Keep a note of those credentials for future use.
  8. If you have not received the message with user id and password, contact school office to get one.

Please make sure, you enter all your academic details as they appear in CERTIFICATES. Upload RECENT PASSPORT SIZE PHOTO to avoid any rejection or repetitive work from your end.

Click hereto Login & Upload ID Card Details. Parent Login